OWC: New iMacs can only use Apple’s custom hard drives – Marco.org →

Michael from OWC is upset because they can’t continue to offer one part of a service that Apple has never permitted, on a non-user-serviceable part, to install unsupported hardware — and that this is the result of Apple being unnecessarily evil, rather than the more pragmatic explanations.

It’s stuff like this that get my Windows acquaintances all riled up. Slightly surprised to hear it coming from a Mac guy.

This is the first time, and definitely not the last time, that you’ll hear me say this. Apple designs their products as an entire user experience, rather than just what is displayed on your screen. By building the heat sensor directly into the cable, I’m going to assume 2 things:

  1. Costs for Apple are probably lower. 1 sensor vs. multiple sensors.
  2. They probably (undoubtably) have a higher profit margin this way1.

If you want an upgraded internal drive, you go with what Apple gives you direct from the factory. There’s always external drives, and soon-to-be Thunderbolt drives.

EDIT: You can also take this avenue as well.

  1. This doesn’t make Apple “evil”, “bastardly”, or “cutthroat”. It makes them American and capitalist.

Posted: Thursday, May 12, 2011